Mittwoch, 6. September 2017

Wednesday, 05 September 2941 T.A.: The first full moon of autumn

On this day, in 2941 T. A., the first full moon of autumn rose over Mirkwood.
The first full moon of autumn was shining on the River Running

The situation in the Thranduil's caverns had changed little in the past two weeks. The Dwarves were still imprisoned while Bilbo perpetually hovered at the edge of discovery, trying to find a way how to get the Company out of the subterranean town. It may seem possible that by this time he had already discovered the vault where the barrels of wine were received and released, but certainly he had no idea yet what to do about it.

Montag, 21. August 2017

Sunday, 20 August 2941 T. A.: No eclipse over Mirkwood, alas

What happened over Mirkwood tonight?
No, there is no evidence that a solar eclipse passed over Mirkwood on this day, in 2941 T. A. But there was definitely a new moon.

Around this day, give or take three days - Bilbo Baggins was not able to pinpoint it any more precise - he discovered that Thorin Oakenshield was imprisoned by the Wood-Elves as well. So, all Dwarves were at last accounted for. He had yet no idea how to bring the Dwarves out of there, though.

Freitag, 11. August 2017

Thursday, 10 August 2941 T.A.: In search of a lost path

When Horus Engels sketched Thranduil in 1957
it was not known yet that Elves are the Fair Folk.
On this day, in 2941 T.A., Bilbo and the Company (minus Thorin) made a desperate effort to find the lost path again, having stayed entirely without provisions and failed to replenish them from the Silvan Elves. 

They did not find it until nightfall, when they ran into an ambush by the Woodelves that only Bilbo avoided by using the One Ring. The Dwarves were led before Thranduil himself who was now wearing a "crown of berries and red leaves, for the autumn was come again". This was the first day of the Elvish season of Iavas

Since none of them would yield essential information, Thranduil imprisoned them all, and there they were going to stay for the next 40 days. In front of Bilbo lay, meanwhile, a long time of hiding away, leaving the halls and returning, often at the brink of discovery.